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March News

Links To Learning March Curriculum Goals


***This is a glimpse of what each classroom will be focusing on.  Please see the   classroom bulletin board for more detailed lessons.



Baby Sign Language:

This month’s baby sign are “Brother” & “Sister”.  To sign the word “brother,” make both hands into an “L” shape.  Hold one hand down by your chest and place the other hand at your forehead.  Bring your top hand down to meet your lower hand.  To sign the word “sister,” make the same motion as “brother,” but place your one hand at your chin and the other in front of your chest.

This month, your child will answer “what” and “where” questions, understand the concept of five, and identify the names of family members.



This month, your child will be counting items in groups of 1-5, recognizing first name in print, and matching parent and baby animals.


This month, your child will add together two group of objects, learn about various forms of transportation, and understand the meaning of traffic lights.



This month we will start creating sentences with sight words as well as focusing on rhyming words and word families.  We will continue working on counting by fives, tens, and ones to 100.



Read Together, Talk Together

 ***This is a glimpse of what books will be introduced this month.  Please see classroom bulletin boards for additional themed books.
 Clever Tom and the Leprechaunby Linda Shute
 Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss
 The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle



Vocabulary Words: 

March, St. Patrick, Leprechaun, Spring, Rainbow, Author, Illustrator, Book



Monthly Spotlight

Lucky’s Shamrock Popcorn Treat 






Bag of microwave popcorn
3 tbsp of butter
1.5 cups of mini marshmallows
4 tbsp of Green Jello mix (I prefer lime)
1 bag of white chocolate chips
green sugar sprinkles

optional: shamrock sprinkles



Place the butter in a saucepan with the heat set on low. Slowly stir the mini marshmallows into the melting butter. You don’t have to let the marshmallows completely melt, but just so that they soften. Stir in the jello mix to give the mix the green color!

Place your already popped popcorn in a bowl, and pour in the green marshmallow mixture. Stir with a spoon to make sure the green coats evenly. Once you have the popcorn coated green, place it in a baking pan. Pop it in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes at 300 degrees. If the popcorn appears sticky, heating it in the oven will help reduce the stickiness.

As for the white chocolate drizzle, use the directions on the bag to melt 1 cup or less of the chips. Be careful not to burn the white chocolate as this can give it a brown tint. Once melted, drizzle on the popcorn as it is laid out in a baking pan. Then quickly sprinkle on the green sprinkles before the chocolate hardens. Normally I like to add shamrock shaped sprinkles as well, but my grocery store had not made those available at the time of posting. Please the popcorn (still in the baking pan) in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. It may take long depend how much chocolate you used. After the chocolate is harden, remove the popcorn and serve!




 March Dates To Remember


 Monday, March 2nd

Dr. Seuss Birthday

Dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss Character

Friday March 7th

Parent Appreciation Breakfast

Sunday March 8th

Spring Forward turn your clocks ahead

Friday March 13

Forsyth County early release

Tuesday March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day Parties

Saturday March 21st

Open House 10:00-1:00 pm 

Friday, March 20th

First Day Of Spring!

Tuesday March 24th

Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday March 25th

Early Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday March 26th

Private Pre K Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday March 27th

Toddler Parent Teacher Conferences




Kimberly’s Korner

Dear Carrington Families,

Happy March to my wonderful students and families!


I hope this letter finds you and yours well!  Admission season is in full force and we are well underway with our In House registration for Private Pre-K, TK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade.  Our In House registration ended on February 16th and our programs have been opened up to the community.  PLEASE do not delay with your registration as our private programs are on a wait list currently, and will quickly fill up for the fall.  We are truly blessed to have  thriving schools as many have had to close their doors!  I contribute this to our AMAZING teachers and staff!


I continue to be amazed by the growth and development of our children each day.  I am immeasurably blessed by the conversations we have together and by my relationships with you, and as always am humbled and honored to have your children entrusted to us each day.


My role at Carrington will always be to continue to support the outstanding work of my teachers and principals, and to continue to create the environments that nourish the whole child and provide a place where each person knows they are valued.


We have a very busy year ahead and a time when students make incredible growth and celebrate successes. Thank you for allowing me to step alongside you as a part of your child’s life.


I leave you with this…Being a parent is easy, but really ‘parenting’ our children is another matter altogether.

When we take the time to genuinely listen to our children, kiss them good night, and set firm but gentle limits, we can be sure they will benefit from our attempts at being a good parent.

Enjoy Your Children!

A child will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for’…


Enthusiastically Working With You,

Kimberly Sharpe



Carrington Academy

NOBEL Learning Communities Inc.

4410 Front Nine Drive

Cumming, GA 30041


Dear Carrington Academy Families,

It’s hard to believe that March is here and we will soon see the beginning signs of spring!  I am looking forward to the sunshine and the anticipation of new life budding everywhere is so exciting!  Spring is a very busy time for our parents and teachers with Parent Appreciation Breakfast, Parent Teacher Conferences, Celebration of Dr. Suess’s Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day Parties all with in just a few short weeks.

Our very special children are certainly in full bloom at Carrington.  As we transition into a new season, the children are transitioning as well. As I spend time in the classrooms with our children, I am amazed at the growth, independence and maturity that is evident with each new day.

As we move forward in the months ahead, please ensure that you have registered for Private Pre-K or Transitional Kindergarten for next school year.  We have limited openings in these classrooms… so time is of the essence.

Many blessings to you and your family,



Jan Migliacccio

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