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Cold and Flu Readiness

Carrington Families,

We want to take a brief moment to give you and your family some great health tips to survive this season:

*Please remember to assist your children when washing their hands. Often times we teach the children to sing a nursery rhyme while washing their hands in order to make sure they are removing all the germs. In addition, help them to wash between their fingers, the tops of their hands as well as the palms of their hands.

*We are keeping hand sanitizer at the front desk for parent use when coming in and leaving the building.

*Please ensure that your children are properly dressed for the weather of the day. We recommend a thick winter coat, hat and mittens daily to help keep them warm. Appropriate clothing can significantly aid in reducing the risk of illness. Further, we would like to remind parents of our sick policy. If your child has a fever of 101.0 or higher they must be picked up within an hour from Carrington and remain at home until they are fever free, without medication, for a full 24 hours. Please see your Admin team with any questions or concerns.

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