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Important Dates

July 1st – Rock Painting

July 1st – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 4th – School closed

July 5th – Patriotic Day; Wear Red, White and Blue

July 5th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 6th – Splatter Painting with Sondra

July 6th – Toddler/Beginner Water Day

July 7th – Camp/K-Enrichment Virtual Field Trip

July 7th – Intermediate Water Day

July 8th – Water Wars; We will have fun with water balloons

July 8th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 11th – Camp/K-Enrichment Virtual Field Trip

July 11th – Toddler/Beginner Water Day

July 12th – Superhero Day; Wear your favorite superhero attire to school

July 12th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 13th – Cricket’s Petting Zoo 10am

July 14th – Camp/K-Enrichment Virtual Field Trip

July 14th – Intermediate Water Day

July 15th – Myth Busters; We will conduct experiments to see if they are true or myths

July 15th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 18th – Toddler/Beginner Water Day

July 18th – Camp/K-Enrichment Virtual Field Trip

July 19th – Favorite Color Day; Wear your favorite color to school

July 19th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 20th – Geodes with Jenna

July 21st – Intermediate Water Day

July 21st – Camp/K-Enrichment Field Trip Art Barn

July 22nd – Dirt Cups; We will make the delicious treat

July 22nd – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 25th – Toddler/Beginner Water Day

July 25th – Camp/K-Enrichment Field Trip Fowler Park

July 25th – Kids Helping Communities donation drive; Alex’s Lemonade Stand

July 26th – Pajamas and Popcorn; wear you pajamas to school and we will enjoy popcorn

July 26th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

Jul 27th – Dreamshakers 10am

July 28th – Camp/K-Enrichment Virtual Field Trip Galapagos Islands

July 28th – Intermediate Water Day

July 29th – End of the Summer Bash; We will celebrate the end of summer

July 29th – Camp/K-Enrichment Water Day

July 29th – End of Month Folders go home (last day of the school year)

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