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April 2019 Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal Happy spring! We have a fun and busy month planned for our students. In each classroom we are focusing on art and science activities that celebrate spring, and our students are looking forward to the Spring egg hunt later this month. Our students always love…
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March 2019 Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal February was a great month at our school! We held several family events and truly appreciate all those who participated. In anticipation of spring, our teachers are busy planning meaningful learning activities that will help students gain an appreciation for the changing seasons. In order…
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February 2019 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infant This month’s baby sign is “All Done”. To sign the phrase “all done” place both hands in front of your chest and flip them outwards and inwards. Toddler Activities using music and songs add fun and happiness to your child’s day. Moving to music helps your child…
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January 2019 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants This month’s sign language word is “MILK”. To sign the word “milk,” open and close your hand to resemble milking a cow. Toddlers Your child may cry to express their needs, but as your child learns to express himself with language, he will rely less on crying….
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December 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infant In our infant program, we start using baby sign language from the earliest months.  Baby signs are common terms that have been modified and simplified from American Sign Language. The sign for this month is “daddy”.  To sign the word “daddy”, tap your thumb on your forehead repeatedly….
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