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September 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infant In our infant program, we start using baby sign language from the earliest months.  Baby signs are common terms that have been modified and simplified from American Sign Language. The sign for this month is “Happy”.  To sign the word “happy” place your hands in front of your…
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August 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants The sign of the month is “BEAR”. To sign the word bear, make your hands into claws and cross your arms by your chest. Scratch up and down repeatedly. Toddlers Your toddler may have begun to imitate the actions of those around him. For example, he may…
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July 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants This month’s baby sign is “Book”.  To sign the word Book, press your hands together, palm-to-palm.  Holding your pinky fingers together, open up your hands as if opening a book. Toddlers This month your child will begin developing their knowledge of numbers.  Children listen carefully as they…
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June 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants This month’s baby signs are “Dog” and “Cat”. To sign the word Dog, tap your hand flat against your thigh repeatedly. To sign the word Cat, pinch your thumb and index finger together by the sides of each cheek, while keeping your remaining fingers straight. Toddlers This…
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May 2018 Newsletter

Last Call For Summer Camp It’s not too late to join us for summer. Please visit the front desk for a copy of our camp brochures or visit our Summer Camp Webpage. Mother’s Day Celebration We are excited to celebrate our mom’s on Friday, May 11th. Come join us for…
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