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March 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants The sign language this month is “brother” and “sister”. To sign the word “brother”, make both hands into and “L” shape. Hold one hand down by your chest, and place the other hand at your forehead. Bring your top hand down to meet your lower hand. To…
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February 2018 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants The sign of the month is, “All Done”. To sign the phrase, “All done”, place both hands in front of your chest and flip them outwards and inwards. For further assistance, have your child’s teacher demonstrate how to make this sign. Toddlers This month, your child will…
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January 2018 Newsletter

A Note From Our Principal We are overjoyed at the response from you all in support of our Holiday Giving activities! We collected enough mittens, gloves and hats for twenty women and children to stay warm this holiday season.  We also granted  twenty Christmas wishes from five local children while…
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December 2017 Newsletter

Monthly Curriculum Infants This month, your child will learn to sign the word, “daddy”. To sign this word, tap your thumb on your forehead repeatedly. Toddlers This month, your child will continue to grow their vocabulary. It is important to read to them to enhance these sills. We will build…
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November Newsletter

  Monthly Curriculum Infant This month, the sign language word is “More”. Make an “o” shape with each hand and tap together repeatedly. Toddlers This month your child will be more physically active. Movement is essential for developing strong muscles needed to master gross motor skills. Beginners This month, your…
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