Weekends mean more to families now than ever before. They’re a time to reconnect with each other and decompress from the daily stress of working and schooling at home. Below are five fun ways to shake up your typical weekend routine.

1. Breakfast in Bed

Start the weekend off with making breakfast and enjoying it in bed. Encourage your child to select the menu, measure and mix ingredients, and gather utensils and napkins. Snuggle up together and eat the meal you made.

2. Indoor Campout

Host a family campout or blanket fort in the living room. Put on comfy pajamas, make s’mores, and turn on a favorite movie. Read books about camping before bed. Some of our favorites include Curious George Goes Camping by Margret Rey, Llama Llama Loves Camping by Anna Dewdney, and Flashlight by Lizi Boyd.

3. Create Signs for Essential Workers

Provide your child with markers, crayons and paper. Encourage him to create signs that express thanks for essential workers. Use this an opportunity to talk about the importance of love and gratitude. Tape the signs to your window for everyone to see.

4. Virtual Dance Party

Invite extended family members to join you for a dance party using a video conferencing service, such as FaceTime or Zoom. Encourage everyone to submit song requests in advance and dress up in their favorite silly outfits.

5. Bedtime Story Remix

Reverse the roles by asking your child to walk you through his bedtime routine. Encourage him to help you brush your teeth, tuck you into bed, and read you a story. It’s a fun way to help your child remember the things he needs to do at nighttime.